Many of our guests at Glencoe Country B&B come for a little rest during their travels around Tasmania, which can often allow you to see much more of the state than day trips from Launceston. However, we know there are the adventure seekers among you and there are quite a few things around the area for you to enjoy.

Firstly, for the walkers, there are so many walking tracks of various levels of difficulty, all within 30 minutes of Glencoe.

Just out of Sheffield are the Kimberley’s Lookout Tracks. Kimberley’s Lookout is part of a large track network on the Badgers Range with 5 entry/exit points. Kimberley’s Lookout and the Trig Point are located on Seance Hill out of Sheffield. It has two other named and signposted lookouts, Charley’s lookout and Richard’s lookout. The lower part of the track travels through a disused mine with two ponds featured, and during the mating season you will see the southern Banjo frog with their distinct mating call. Maraea’s lookout is located on the first hill out of Sheffield and is actually Kimberley’s original lookout. Between these is Lindsay’s Lookout, which can be reached via the Shortcut track. Here you will find an impressively large rock formation that was used previously for abseiling, while at the top of these rocks is Don’s Lookout and further north is Penny’s Lookout on top of Slope Rock. Continuing north are Tim’s Lookout and Christina’s lookout; all have good views of Badger’s Range and over the surrounding countryside.

On the other side of Sheffield is Mt Roland, a huge, impressive mountain rising 1,233m. There are two distinct tracks to the summit of Mt Roland. The Face Track via Kings Rd is for experienced walkers, as it is very steep in places with sections that involve clambering over boulders. The track via O’Neills Rd is easier, but still has some steep sections. Walking along these tracks, you pass some picturesque waterfalls and creeks, and there is a timber platform with great views towards the mighty peak of Black Bluff. There is also another platform below the summit which offers some stunning views of the mountain range. If you make the last scramble up some boulders to the summit, you will be well rewarded with 360 degree views of the surroundings – including the famous Cradle Mountain, Barn Bluff, Bass Strait to St Valentines Peak and The Dial Range.

Mt Van Dyke (1,084m) is a walk best suited to quite fit walkers, featuring impressive forests and alpine areas. The Mt Claude (1,034m) summit can be reached in less time than either Mt Roland or Mt Van Dyke, being only a 2-hour return walk if done from Oliver’s Rd (but still for experienced walkers as there are some steep gullies).

If you are looking for shorter walks, there are several on offer. Sykes Sanctuary is a 15-hectare sanctuary left in trust to the local people by an eccentric local man, Norman Sykes. It features a tranquil bush setting ideal for seeing local birds and wildlife. The Sanctuary features monuments constructed by his son that have inscriptions of mathematical equations. Stoodley Forest walk is an easy 1-hour loop through an arboretum established by the early forestry industry. Redwater Creek falls is an easy 30-60 min return walk to the waterfalls. Billet Creek walk is a steep 90-min walk through 1,000-year-old Manfern glades. O’Neills Creek nature trail is an easy 15-min loop through a wide range of native flora and fauna where you can see numerous wildlife species, including platypus. Forth Falls is a moderate 2-hr return walk through a series of picturesque waterfalls and cascades.

day trips from launceston - mountain bike trailFor the mountain bikers among you, it’s no secret that Tasmania has become a world famous hub for mountain bikers. We have the Wild Mercy Trails right here – 47 kms of trails catering for everyone from young to old, novice to expert. The tracks are predominantly green and blue but there is one black trail as a taster of things still to come. Ultimately, it’s going to be 100+ kms of fixed landscape riding, where serious switchbacks are rewarded with epic views and descents linked to flow tracks to inspire adventure riders. The Ewoks Trail is a must – it looks like it has been taken straight out of Star Wars and you are waiting for the speed racers to come through the trees. A pump track has been constructed at the Railton Trail Head as well. At Glencoe, we have plenty of space for your bikes and a workshop area for you to work on your bikes.

North West Safaris, located in nearby Sheffield, hire out electric mountain bikes. But for those of you seeking adventure with a slower or more relaxed pace, NW Safaris offer Kayak tours or Kayak hire on the picturesque and enchanting Lake Barrington, an experience that will ignite all 5 senses allowing you to enjoy nature at its finest. Lake Barrington is an amazing place to swim in the summer months as well, and it is only a 20-min drive from Glencoe.

day trips from launceston - lake barringtonLastly, but not forgotten, are the anglers. Ocean fishing is only a 25-min drive from Glencoe, but why not try some inland fishing? Again, NW Safaris can kit you out with some rods for hire if you don’t bring your own. There are several lakes including Lake Barrington with excellent fishing. Lake Barrington contains a large population of brown trout, rainbow trough and native blackfish. The lake also receives stocking of adult Atlantic salmon. Lake Barrington is a designated ‘big fish’ waterway, stocked by the inland fisheries service with king-sized fish for anglers. Along with the lakes, there are many rivers to fish in – ask the locals for the best spots. Fishing licenses are required for all inland fishing, but easily obtained from the visitor information centre in Sheffield. If you ask him, Russ may even cook your catch for you. There really are just so many things to do around here.

So, rather than doing day trips from Launceston – come and stay with us…relax and see more of the famous North West of Tasmania.