Guests staying at Glencoe B&B often want to see local wildlife…and we have several wildlife parks Tasmania all within an hour’s drive from here.

We also have a wide range of animals right here with us at the guesthouse (including Highland Cattle) – although we know many people want to see the ‘greatest hits’ when it comes to Tassie wildlife.

Everyone wants to see Tassie Devils. I did even have one guest who saw a wild one which is very rare here as we are mainly farmland.

Devils @ Cradle is a popular option. Devils @ Cradle is a unique Tasmanian conservation sanctuary located at the entrance to the spectacular World Heritage listed Cradle Mountain National Park.

The sanctuary is also home to the closely related Spotted-tail and Eastern quolls. Tasmania’s three largest carnivorous marsupials are all now threatened in one way or another in the wild.

Visitors to the sanctuary can view these animals from the comfort of the visitor centre, wander through the sanctuary at their leisure, or join a personalised guided tour which ensures a close up encounter with the animals.

Devils at night is a popular tour. Your visit will provide an insight into the daily operation of a working conservation facility for one of the world’s iconic animals, with the ticket fee contributing to our conservation of these species.

There is also Trowunna at Mole Creek to see Devils, quolls, and wedge-tailed eagles. Trowunna is a privately owned wildlife sanctuary, and as one of the wildlife parks Tasmania – it’s where native Tasmanian fauna and flora thrive.

Trowunna started caring for Tasmania’s native animals in 1979 and it continues to be at the forefront of conservation and education in the state.

The Sanctuary was instrumental in the establishment of the Save The Devil program. The Sanctuary is currently involved in five separate conservation breeding programs that will ensure the survival of these threatened and endangered species.

The Sanctuary has 70 acres of natural habitat to wander around and enjoy with free-ranging kangaroos and waterfowl to hand feed along the way.

There are daily interactive guided tours which provide a wonderful, intimate and educational experience for the whole family. Trowunna are also very active in breeding animals that are declining in the wild, most notably, the Tasmanian devil.

Currently, and historically Trowunna is the most successful place for the breeding of Tasmanian devils, sharing their success and knowledge with those willing to learn, through their Tasmanian Devil Training Courses.

Trowunna is committed primarily to the in-situ conservation projects for the Tasmanian devil and the spotted-tailed quoll.

Wings Wildlife Park has Tassie Devils, other Australian native animals, plus other exotic animals. Wings is one of the only family owned, multi-award winning wildlife parks Tasmania where you can explore and get up close with the wildlife.

See over 150 different species! Get amongst our Australian native wildlife, be amazed by our birds of prey, frolic with the farm animals, mingle with meerkats and marmoset monkeys, throw some pellets to the fish, smile with the reptiles.

Hear their unique story consisting of seven generations living and farming within the Gunns Plains community. Colin and Megan Wing are the fifth generation, founding the park in 1986.

Today, they offer the largest wildlife / animal park with onsite accommodation and display the largest collection of Tasmanian wildlife in Australia.

Wings Wildlife Park is the only park to have imported American bison into Tasmania.

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