things to do in tasmania in spring - Glencoe Country B&BIf you’re looking for where to go in spring time in north Tasmania, the season has definitely sprung at Glencoe Country B&B – the bulbs are up, and blossoms are all around. We haven’t done a lot of planting for this year, but we have big plans for next year. Coming from Queensland, we can’t grow the same type of plants as we can down here in Tasmania, so it is a big learning curve for us. We are lucky that we have the man with the magic spade – horticulturalist Robert Gower – to help us. What he doesn’t know about plants isn’t worth knowing. He is also very generous with his time and knowledge, often spending time with guests answering questions. At the moment, the garden is taking a battering from my marauding herd of chickens; the fence in the chook yard is down and waiting to be replaced. They can be very destructive in the garden with all their scratching…in fact, we have so many ways that they resemble other animals, which is why I call them my herd.

We have several different varieties of rhododendrons flowering at the moment. For those of you who like rhododendrons, a visit to Emu Valley Rhododendron Garden in Burnie is a must. I have a visit planned to meet with their horticulturalist as we plan to plant several more varieties down the length of our driveway.

The tulips have spring up and are magnificent planted around all of our roses. We will continue to plant them in numbers down the driveway as well. If you are visiting Glencoe guesthouse at the end of September or first two weeks in October, Table Cape Tulip Farm is an amazing site to visit with fields of tulips in every colour. There are always plenty of activities in Tasmania in spring.

things to do in tasmania in spring - Glencoe Country B&B Howard the catDaffodils grow wild on our property, and I never realised how many different varieties there are. Every year we add different varieties. Howard, the resident cat (aka ‘The Boss’), can often be found sitting amongst the daffodils enjoying the sun. Additionally, the fragrance of jonquils in the garden is something that I love to smell. Grape hyacinths pop up all around the garden, but we planted different coloured hyacinths beneath the weeping cherries, which are just lovely.

I am having an on-going battle with the chickens trying to get a hellebore garden growing under a tree. Even though they are known as winter roses, they are still flowering even now. The flowers make a lovely table display when you float them in a bowl of water.

hedge of camelliasOur Cradle Mountain guesthouse features a hedge of camellias right around the outside. They are flowering, creating a beautiful border around the front gardens. Robert created a camellia arch with a paved area underneath to stand on – it’s a beautiful spot for a photo with the stunning Mt Roland in the background. We have plans for a decorative gate there and our woolly coos (Highland cattle) have been known to photo bomb you there. At the front of the house is a huge red camellia that is the height of the house. At the moment it is in full bloom and looks gorgeous; it also provides shelter to numerous birds and I am sure it hides many nests in it.

There are many trees and shrubs flowering in the garden, but my favourite is the Pieris, also known as lily-of-the-valley shrub. The Pieris near the veranda has masses of long white flowers that just make you want to feel them. They do also come in other colours, and I have planted a red variety in another section of the garden for contrast.

It is easy to go on and on about all the different plants that we have, but the best thing about the garden is being able to sit out with a glass of wine enjoying all the different colours and fragrances. You can also listen to the birds ignoring what’s going on in the world for a while and just relaxing.

pond and flower gardenSo, if you’re after where to go at spring time in north Tasmania, why not come and stay with us here so you can explore the beautiful north west of Tassie.

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